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RISE-DC helps low-income youth in Washington, DC, achieve academic and career success. This is accomplished by providing educational resources such as high-quality tutoring and college and career mentoring – free of charge.


Educate. Engage. Empower.

RISE was formed to address the high drop-out rates of Washington, D.C. youth by providing educational services in math, in the humanities, and in taking the SAT. To do this, RISE strives to: raise the academic skills of the students it serves, increase each school's retention and graduation rates, make students stronger applicants to college and for college scholarships, and raise the academic self-esteem of the students it serves.

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Our Impact

Academic success is measured in an increase in test scores, and in students staying in school and ultimately graduating. In these areas, RISE-DC intervention has been successful. In the last academic year, over 200 students raised their grades or test scores and maintained that improvement after working with RISE-DC.



graduation rate

More than 90% of students who received tutoring time or SAT instruction are on track to graduate or have graduated from high school.


a return on investment

The Social Return on Investment for a RISE-DC student is approximately 21:1, or $21 in return for every $1 invested, an unusually high return.


students helped

Last year, we worked with over 200 students. Over 92% expressed a high amount of satisfaction with the RISE tutors who helped them.


Supporters + Partners + Board

“Working for RISE-DC has been a gratifying experience. Giving the students an opportunity to improve their skills and gain confidence in themselves as learners and problem solvers has been just part of my experience. RISE-DC tutors and mentors also have the opportunity to develop personal connections with our students, which spur them to consistently attend school, take personal responsibility for their successes and realize the possibilities that their new skills can offer them.”

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Our Programs

“The RISE-DC program is probably the most key piece of support we have to supplement our curriculum and instruction. I consistently refer some of my most challenging and behind-grade-level students to RISE-DC. I have seen consistent improvement in the students’ grades, study skills and happiness at school as a result of tutoring.”

Megan Casimir, past director of special education, Cesar Chavez Public Charter School


“Keep Up” Tutoring

With experienced tutors, RISE helps students achieve their maximum level of proficiency in their schoolwork. Over 95% of RISE’s students graduate from high school, and many achieve college success and progress to a path to a livable wage.

“Village Watch”

RISE monitors students' progress and moves them back into the “Keep Up” program when necessary.


RISE provides enrichment for students interested in math. Students participate in intra- and inter-scholastic contests, such as the Moody's Math Challenge. RISE’s summer enrichment course enables MATHletes to accelerate their math studies in order to take calculus as seniors. Many MATHletes participate in RISE's College Prep Plus program.


RISE works with high school students reading at the third grade level or lower to lift their reading ability up to functional literacy. Many of RISE’s WordSTARS eventually apply to and complete college.

College Prep Plus

RISE provides SAT/ACT prep, overnight visits to colleges, and dedicated mentoring through the college and scholarship application process. RISE staff follows up with college students through their sophomore year.

Graduate Services

RISE stays in touch with over 100 alumni each year to assist with career counseling and job placement.


Our Instructors

Thus, RISE-DC’s instructors are professional tutors who work at a reduced rate to educate some of Washington’s most struggling students. With an average experience level of twenty years, RISE-DC’s tutors are experts in their fields.

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