Data from 2017-18

Data from 2017-2018 Academic Year

Here is our annual report, which you can read in two minutes! For the fiscal year that ended last June 30, RISE received $148,000 from individuals, $46,000 from foundations and corporations, and $91,000 in in-kind contributions. Nineteen percent of RISE's expenses went to administrative purposes (part-time bookkeeper, fundraising efforts, insurance, audit report, office supplies, etc.). This was higher than past years, as we have explored new fundraising opportunities. 81% of revenue went directly to programs.

Thanks to you, we worked with over 200 students, mostly from McKinley Tech and Ballou High School. Over 92% expressed a high amount of satisfaction with the RISE tutors who helped them. Thanks to tutor Mary Lincer, McKinley had the highest increase in tenth grade English proficiency in the city!

We now have 49 students in our College Prep Plus program. Two-thirds of these students have either graduated from college or on track to graduate. In our class of 2018, fourteen out of fifteen students are ready for their second semester of college! Not everyone did wonderfully during the first semester, but RISE will be working with college advisors to ensure students recover and stay on track to graduate.