Volunteer Spotlight

In Paul's previous life, he taught math and coached tennis for nine years at the Edmund Burke School. In the class of 1987 was a gifted student-athlete, Andrew Prevost, pictured above. Andrew was instrumental in bringing Burke its first soccer and tennis championships in school history. Andrew and I kept in touch over the years, but we lived separate lives for the most part, Andrew starting a family and developing his career, and I in Anacostia. Since the summer, however, Andrew has been an incredibly dedicated college mentor to one of our members of the class of 2017. Andrew has also recruited his fellow employees at the Meltzer Group to help with the mentoring program.

Andrew remarks, “Getting back to my roots in DC and connecting with RISE has been a blessing. I'm reminded every day how lucky I am. Working with my student has been a gift for me. As we all get older and wiser, the wants and needs of material life tend to take a back seat to helping. RISE is doing incredible work; I'm just a small piece of the puzzle and fortunate enough to help.”