Focus on Ballou

For about a year, RISE has been getting to know the fine teachers and administrators at Ballou High School . Last school year we worked with students who had failed the ninth grade, some more than once.

Many of those have ascended to eleventh grade and are on track to graduate on time, but others are now enrolled in Ballou's "STAY" program, which works with over-age and under-credited students. Wherever these students are, RISE pledges to help them as much as possible, whether it is with tutoring, mentoring, or counseling toward post-secondary success.

Pictured with me is Dr. Wilbert Miller, counselor at Ballou STAY, meeting over the break to discuss strategy. Most of the Ballou STAY population is itinerant; the students need to move frequently due to circumstance that are beyond their control. RISE and Ballou STAY will be collaborating on targeted grant applications in the years to come, focusing on strategies Ballou STAY is enacting to improve academic performance and attendance. This collaboration fits perfectly into RISE's strengths and mission.