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“The RISE-DC program is probably the most key piece of support we have to supplement our curriculum and instruction. I consistently refer some of my most challenging and behind-grade-level students to RISE-DC. I have seen consistent improvement in the students’ grades, study skills and happiness at school as a result of tutoring.”

Megan Casimir, past director of special education, Cesar Chavez Public Charter School

RISE Programs

RISE's experienced tutors and mentors work with students in these programs:

“Keep Up” Tutoring
RISE helps students achieve their maximum level of proficiency. Positive outcomes include on-time high school graduation and maximization of college opportunities.

“Village Watch”
RISE monitors students' progress and moves them back into the “Keep Up” program if necessary.

RISE works with those reading at the third grade level or lower to lift their reading ability up to functional literacy.

RISE provides enrichment for students interested in math. Students participate in intra- and inter-scholastic contests, such as the Moody's Math Challenge. These students are eligible for RISE's College Prep program.

College Prep Plus
RISE provides SAT/ACT prep, overnight visits to colleges, and dedicated mentoring through the college and scholarship process. RISE staff follows up with college students through their sophomore year.

Graduate Services
RISE stays in touch with over 300 alumni each year to assist with career counseling and job placement.